Pashto Phrasebook: A Guide for Newcomers

Guide for Pakistan’s North West Frontier Province.

Compiled for Interlit Foundation by Lori Fulghum.

This book is for visitors, short term workers and those beginning language study in the North West Frontier Province of Pakistan. It provides useful phrases in Pakistani Pashto for common everyday situations – meeting people, buying clothes, eating out, etc. There are also cultural tips for navigating life in the Frontier and a short English to Pashto dictionary. Pashto words and phrases are given in a modified version of the International Phonetic Alphabet as well as Pashto script.

Pashtuns take great pride in their language and culture, and are delighted and astonished when outsiders try to learn Pashto, because it is considered a difficult language to master. When a visitor to the Frontier is able to give a greeting in Pashto and ask appropriate questions about the well-being of a Pashtun’s household, the doors to friendship are opened wide. This Pashto Phrasebook will help you move with confidence among the peoples of the Frontier, and will whet your appetite to learn more about the language, culture and aspirations of the Pashtun people.

Chapters include: Grammar, Meeting People, Family, Getting Around, Around Town, Shopping, Food, Traveling Around, Religion, Health, Times & Dates, Numbers, Resource List, Dictionary, and Pronuciation Guide.

Copywright: 2008 Interlit Foundation; Published 2008; English/International Phonetic Alphabet with Pashto Script; Paperback; Size: 5.75″ x 4″; 140 pages

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