Speaking Afghan Pashto Audio Lessons

60 hours of audio lessons in mp3 format. These audio lessons are intended to supplement the course book, Speaking Afghan Pashto. The dialogues, vocabulary lists, pronunciation drills, and other materials are read from the 3rd edition of the book but may also be easily used with the 2nd edition.

If you already have the textbook and wish to obtain these audio lessons separately, please e-mail: [email protected] for the necessary ordering “code”.

This language learning resource is designed to help learners acquire conversational ability in Afghan Pashto. Speaking Afghan Pashto is a language learning resource designed to help learners acquire conversational ability in Afghan Pashto. Each Lesson includes dialogues, pronunciation drills and grammatical explanations, augmented by exercises, comprehension drills, vocabulary lists, and proverbs, all in easy-to-use phonetic script with English explanations. This course is designed to provide the basis for an intensive language learning program for students, relief and development workers and agencies assisting in the reconstruction of Afghanistan or working in neighboring Pakistan.

The book will be of special interest to development agencies and NGOs, and their international sponsors, as well as to universities offering, or desirous of offering, a Pashto Language Course as a part of their Near and Middle Eastern Studies or Iranian Languages Programs.

The third edition (2007) has been prepared with the addition of an English Vocabulary Index, and a General Index to assist students.

Spiral Bound, 465 pages; English/Pashto Phonetics; 3rd Edition, published 2007; Audio lessons in mp3 format, 60 hours, copywrite 2009; ISBN: 969-8343-37-8

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