Surviving in Dari: Vocabulary & dialogues for use in Afghanistan

A mini Dari course of key vocabulary and dialogues.

By the Language & Orientation Programme of IAM

A collection of key vocabulary words and practice dialogues in Afghan Persian. It has been designed to accompany Conversational Dari by Eugene Glassman, providing many cultural insights as well as practical language help. In addition, Surviving in Dari is an excellent language learning resource for the short-term worker in Afghanistan. Its practical vocabulary and dialogues, dealing with issues like catching a taxi and sending an email, are excellent for those who wish to get to grips with language and culture but don’t have time for an extensive language learning program.

Published in 2003; Dari (Romanized Phonetics)/English; 174 pages; 8.5″ x 11″ [size]; Spiral Bound Soft Cover; ISBN 969-8343-27-X

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