Conversational Dari

By Eugene Glassman
Learn to speak one of the two major languages of Afghanistan. An essential resource for overseas relief and development workers as well as for government and private agencies assisting the Afghan people. This book will be of special interest to universities and professors offering a Dari Persian Language Course as part of their Near and Middle Eastern Studies or Iranian Languages programs. Its easy-to-use and practical format makes it a helpful language guide for teachers and students.

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Conversational Dari was first published by Eugene Glassman in 1970/1971 in co-operation with the Language and Orientation Committee of the International Assistance Mission (IAM). Since that time, Conversational Dari has been used by many hundreds of expatriate workers (both in Afghanistan and among the Afghan Diaspora) as a part of their Dari language learning.

The text includes 25 lessons in Dari transliteration, with grammar explanations, exercises, and pronunciation drills, along with cultural notes. Each lesson is introduced with an Afghan Persian proverb.

5th Edition, Published in 2000, last reprint 2003
Dari (Romanized Phonetics)/English
381 pages
8.5″ x 11″ [size]
Spiral Bound Soft Cover
ISBN 969-8343-12-1

Interlit recommends that students of Dari (Afghan Persian) make use of the whole range of materials that accompany this key language textbook.

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