Pocket Medical Pashto

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Pocket reference for medical phrases and vocabulary.

By Josette McMichael, M.D.

A vital pocket-sized language tool for expatriate and local health professionals in Afghanistan to help them communicate directly with their patients. Useful medical phrases are translated from English to Pashto, using both script and phonetic Pashto. Includes a medical dictionary of essential words translated both from English to Pashto and Pashto to English. Designed to be a quick reference tool that you can keep handy in your pocket. Also included in the appendix is a guide to the Pashto pronunciation of the phonetic script.

Other Medical Language Guides available include: Pocket Medical Dari and Medical Dari: Language Resource for Medical Professionals with Additional Hazaragi.

Published in 2008
Pashto Script / Pashto Phonetics/English
151 pages
4.13"x 5.5" [size]
ISBN 969-8343-40-8

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