Sound the Bells, O Moon Arise: Pashto Proverbs and Folk Songs

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By Jens Enevoldsen, with a preface by Dr. Leonard Bartlotti.

A selection of Pashto proverbs and tappas (folk songs) in Pashto script with English translation and cultural illustrations. "Through proverbs and tappas; Pashtuns paint miniature portraits of themselves." This book provides such a portrait gallery of Pashtun culture, including religion, ethics and human nature. It is a window into "a world in which faith and Pukhto, honour and shame, power and weakness, friendship and rivalry are lived out in the dangerous, ambiguous social world of common Pashtuns."

Published in 2000


5" x 7.75" [size]

80 pages

ISBN 969-8343-15-6

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