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Grandfather once more sits down with his grandchildren, Ahmad and Shanai, to tell them fascinating stories. These were stories he had heard during his ling life or drawn from his own experience. Each story related to something that was happening in Ahmad and Shanai's lives, giving them (and us) some wise advice. The stories are in English and Pashto.

This book is part of the ongoing collaborative partnership between the InterLit Foundation and Pashto Academy, University of Pehsawar, to provide children with edifying stories and preserve the Pashto language and culture by developing literature across genres and age groups.

Published 2020, Interlit Foundation - Pakistan, Pashto Academy - University of Peshawar, Pakistan

Pashto Text copyright InterLit Foundation and Pashto Academy

Formerly published in Afghanistan as Grandpa, the Storyteller, copyright Caravan Publications

Soft Cover Paperback

ISBN 978-969-8343-52-1
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